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Ewell Court Short Mat

Bowls Club

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Short Mat Bowls continues very successfully every Tuesday afternoon 2 till 4.

We have a membership of 23, so when you take holidays and appointments into consideration we nearly always have 16 players, which is ideal for the two mats we own.

We have had enquiries from people who would like to join us but as you can see if we had more members then we couldn’t all play and some people could only watch.

The answer is to start another session in the evening or one from 4 till 6. To do this we really need another 16 players because we need about £50 to pay the rent.

If anyone who works during the day would like to try short Mat Bowls, it’s good fun, then phone me on 020 8393 3031 and perhaps we could try for an evening session. It all depends on having enough people to start, we already have the mats.

Think about it, and give me a ring.

 Bob Hancock