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Council recommendations to increase income are opposed by ECHO. Please help by completing our consultation document, see details below.


To the many of you who have already completed our consultation document, your added comments are very much appreciated.

To help strengthen our case for the continuing promotion of Ewell Court House for the community, it would be very useful if your comments were submitted for viewing by the Leisure Committee of Epsom & Ewell Council, who are meeting on 25th March.  We have now learnt that due to new regulations (introduced last September), we will not be permitted to address the meeting, so we are relying heavily on the written input of supporters of the House as a community venue and who are against the proposed long term commercial rent of rooms at the House.

Your written support can be emailed to Tim Richardson Democratic Services Officer, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council or sent to him at Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom KT18 5BY.

Please get in touch if you require any further information. Thank you. Tim Goldsmith Ewell Court House Organisation.  

By Tim Goldsmith - Ewell Court House Organisation

Mismanagement of Ewell Court House causes financial problems. ECHO’s Page

Firstly, a big thank you to the 1,715 people who completed the public consultation and supported Ewell Court House Organisation (ECHO) in opposing the Council’s recommendation to let part of Ewell Court House for offices.

Over 50 residents turned up at the Town Hall on Monday 25th March to hear Councillors vote to defer a decision until their next meeting in June. Unfortunately, it would seem that the views of over one thousand seven hundred people are immaterial!

This delay suits no one. The Council probably loses their prospective tenant, and the ECHO proposal to efficiently market and retain the whole House for the benefit of the community is put on hold.

ECHO will consult with the Council as they request and demonstrate that there are ways to improve the revenue of Ewell Court House without disadvantaging the community users.

Your continued support is invaluable.  To strengthen our submission to Councillors, it would be useful to know your feelings regarding the retention of Ewell Court House as a community venue and any views you may have on the Council’s proposal to allow a commercial long term rent of part of the House.

 Tim Goldsmith ECHO member

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