News from Friends of Ewell Court Park

The Friends of Ewell Court Park meet regularly every 6 weeks to discuss the care of the park and any issues raised by members, or the public.  We liaise with the Borough Council, who maintain the park, and with the Rangers, and try to help them with tasks in the park.

These are some of the matters we discussed at this month’s meeting:

The Aerator, which keeps up the oxygen levels of the water in the lake, has stopped working again.  It is thought to be an electrical fault and the Council are looking into it.

The Green Flag Award which is awarded annually to well-managed parks - this was awarded to our park last year and we are hoping that we will get it again this year. The Friends were represented in the group which met with the judges in the walk around the park, and told them about its uses and attractions.

Freda’s Memorial Dragonfly was bought by the Friends with money collected after her death in January 2012.  We had hoped it would be erected on the little island in the bog garden when that was refurbished.  Unfortunately ECHO did not get the Lottery grant for this so we are looking at other ways to get the work done, as we do not have the funds to pay for the work ourselves.


Sadly, a goose was killed beside the lake recently, probably by a fox, and fortunately a member of the public who loves the park was able to contact the Rangers, who came and removed the body and washed down the path early in the morning, before anyone else was distressed by the sight.

There has been tyre damage to the lawns beside the house by vehicles which should not be parked there.  The council will be asked if steps can be taken to prevent this. 

For any information on the ’Friends’, either contact the Secretary, Thelma, on 020 8393 8129 or the Ranger Service 01372 732000.    

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