I'm researching the history of an organisation

called the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough Association (MDFCTA). This charity was responsible for erecting drinking fountains and cattle/horse troughs in London and across the rest of the UK and Ireland between 1880-1930 (approx). As part of this project I'm trying to track down all the fountains and cattle/horse troughs that remain today. A total of 4 troughs were erected in Epsom:

a).Two in 1876 located "near the railway station". These were removed in 1930 and lost from the records;

b).The "Cicero" trough in 1906. This is extant on The Downs;

c).One in 1922 originally at Rifle Butt Alley but moved to the Market Place in 1933. This one was originally erected in Richmond Park in 1903.

There are 2 old troughs at Ewell Court House that are currently used as flower-planters. Although these troughs are the correct size and shape as the "missing" troughs from 1876, they lack any MDFCTA inscriptions and look newer than 1876. However, it's not unknown for MDFCTA troughs to be "plain" and they may have been cleaned up over the years.

Do you know the provenance of the troughs that are currently at Ewell Court House? Could they possibly be the pair that were moved from "near the railway station" in 1930?

Many thanks for any help you can give me.  

Help with the Horse Troughs

By Ian Underwood

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