Sometimes when you hear, or read, how other people struggle, it reminds you just how lucky you are, and you realise that by comparison, your worries are not so great after all.


We have heard of a local young person whose life is not running very smoothly at present; just 12 years old having to cope with far more than one so young should ever have to. The person is starting to struggle with study and homework due to a lack of a computer.


We all know school can be a cruel place, and unfortunately we live in an increasingly materialistic world. Growing up is hard enough, but it can be made all the worse for being taunted for not having the basics, let alone the latest gadgets. So, if you have a laptop that you can offer, then you could help to make a huge difference.


Perhaps you are looking to upgrade, or you have a spare one that you don’t use.
Maybe you know someone, or you work for a company that is in the process of replacing theirs,

wondering how to dispose of the old ones?


It needs to be in reasonable condition with basic software installed, such as ‘Word and Excel’, with a suitable charger, and ideally you live within easy reach of Ewell Court House to enable collection.


We are taking this action simply because we choose to do so; there is no charity involved, official body, or red tape. The machine will be passed on to one caring person who will quietly give it to the child with no fuss or publicity. If you are able to donate a machine, you can be certain it will make a huge difference and be put to very good use, simple as that.


If you think you can help, then please email us. You can make a big difference

A laptop computer could make a big difference

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