Dear All

Please see below further information on Ewell Court House

·         I am sure many of you will be aware by now that the temporary roof is in place

·         This now enables drying out to take place by the approved contractor

·         The panelling on the ground floor, the doors, beams and relevant parts of the bar           have been removed

·         The fire place and panelling from the social suite has been removed

·         All the above have been taken to a warehouse where mould etc. will be removed            and where they will be stored in regulated conditions.  The contractors will being            provide EEBC with a plan for restoration and reinstallation.

·         The banisters and stairs have not been removed on advice of professionals.                   Removal will make restoration more difficult.

·         The ante-room ceiling has been acro-propped (propped up)

·         A large part of the ornate ceiling in the social suite will also be acro-propped

·         The internal power supply and lights have been restored

·         A secure store is to be installed in front of the House to store bricks, salvaged               parts of the building etc.

·         Plans to increase parking spaces have been put on hold not least because future            construction work and HGV’s etc. are likely to cause damage to the road surface.           In addition works on the highway area may form part of the contract for the           restoration of the House itself.

·         The Project Team to oversee the work will be appointed in the week beginning           10th February

·         A reminder that the CCTV system is working

With all good wishes


Councillor Eber A Kington

Ewell Court Ward

Councillor Eber A Kington

Ewell Court Ward

020 8786 9271

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