Volunteers Update Meeting – 28th February 2013


The Volunteers Update meeting was held on 28th February

at Ewell Court House, members of the Library Support Team

Kelly Badwal, Karen Swan and Peter Milton, Head of Cultural

Services were present, along with The Friends of Ewell Court Library.

I opened the meeting, then handed over to Don Scott

who gave an overview of the various meetings we have had in the

past 6 months with Surrey County Council where such topics as

building renovation works, organizing and training the volunteers,

visits to other CPL (Community Partnered Libraries), self service,

and how the volunteers will run the libraries on a day to day basis

have been covered. Kelly Badwal and Karen Swan then gave an indepth

explanation of how the training of the volunteers will work and gave

an insight into the “on the job training” with members of the Library

Support Team who will stay with the volunteers for as long as they wish

to have the support. This is of huge benefit to the volunteers and they

stressed that they would not leave until the volunteers felt fully ready

to “fly solo”. Refreshments were served, then we broke into several groups

to have more informal discussions about any concerns the volunteers

had. The meeting was finished by Kelly and Karen who gave a positive,

outlook about the exciting opportunities ahead for Ewell Court Library.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please either contact

myself on forrestfam@ntlworld.com or 0208 394 1675, there are many

varied roles, everyone has something to offer! So please don’t be shy !

Jackie Forrest

Friends of Ewell Court Library

Friends of Ewell Court Library

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