A warm welcome awaits at Ewell Court House open days.

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Ewell Court House Organisation (ECHO) continue their voluntary stewarding of the Ewell Court House open days from 10am until 4pm, where you will be able to explore the intriguing Grade 2 listed house. For dates see Epsom and Ewell Borough Council web site. Click here

Take the opportunity to view the interior of the House with its many interesting architectural features. This is one of the earliest buildings in Ewell with parts dating back to the late 17th century.

In the early 1900s it was described as an exceedingly modern residence, warmed by radiators, with electric light and main drainage. The fashionable home and the lawn with its attractive background was frequently used for garden parties and concerts. The estate housed a multitude of greenhouses, two tennis courts, a walled rose garden, a 9 hole golf course, archery ground, bowling green, a bathing pool and a boat house. Nine servants were employed including a cook, nurse, gardener and various maids. A true upstairs, downstairs residence!

The whole building or individual rooms are available for hire and the open days also give an opportunity to come along and maybe consider what is available for any forthcoming celebrations or events that you or friends, may be contemplating. Rooms are also available for group activities or business opportunities. Stewards will be available to help with any information.

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