Womens Institute at Ewell Court House


It was cold outside when Ewell Court WI met to celebrate its annual St George’s Fish and Chip lunch in April.  However, warm congratulations were given to a special member who had received an award from Epsom and Ewell Borough Council in recognition of her outstanding voluntary work for SSAFA, the organisation which helps those associated with the forces. She certainly deserved the praise.

After an excellent lunch the afternoon’s entertainment entitled “Oh to be in England” from Robert Browning’s poem “Home Thoughts from Abroad” began .Three members told of their life experiences, beginning with a retired Clinical Nurse Consultant who had gone out to Oman to set up the first renal services. This indomitable Ewell Court WI lady told of dealing with country’s first case of AIDS,  diplomatically persuading a worried father not to tether and sacrifice a goat on his sick son’s ward  and when finally returning to England leaving a fully functioning renal unit.

Secondly, a member who came from Guyana spoke of her dismay on arriving in England to see that all the people and the houses looked the same and not everyone spoke “BBC” English, while northern accents were a great puzzle. She admired English politeness, especially queuing which now sadly is on the wane. However, she felt that the country was welcoming and she had a happy life here.

Finally, Ewell Court’s Australian member whose father had worked around the world as a government official, taking his family with him, related being caught up in the riots in Egypt with her sister in the time of King Farouk’s deposing. Fortunately, they managed to escape and were evacuated to England, but she later went on to work all round the world mainly as a teacher. She is now finally happy to be settled and a member of Ewell Court WI leading the Craft Group.

The afternoon concluded with favourite British poetry and a quiz entitled “Do You know George?”, but it was the life stories of the three speakers which illustrated how each and every member of the WI is valued and welcomed.

By Carole Brookman

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